Don't forget to enter our Valentine's Day Contest before you check out.
You could win a Waterpik water flosser (Ultra and Nano Travel Flosser) plus a big ole jar of Hershey Kisses!
It's super easy:

  1. Tell us why you LOVE Live Laugh Smile Orthodontics, LLC
  2. Drop your name in our the jar at the scheduling desk
  3. Dr. Horvath will choose a winner February 18th
    Get creative!





Past Winners

Valentines Day Contest

Awesome job, Binh-An Bui, who won our Valentine's Day Contest. Binh-An's super sweet HEART felt entry won over our heart's and smiles. Enjoy your Waterpik water flosser (Ultra and Nano Travel Flosser) plus your big ole bag of Hershey Kisses. Don't forget to brush and floss!

Tuesday Trivia

And the winners of Tuesday Trivia are Leslie Brown Darwin and Madison! You guessed Dr. Horvath's favorite lunchtime spot...PANERA BREAD! Enjoy your gift card!

October Contest

Congratulations Hayden Beeler, our October Contest winner. Hayden’s educated guess of how many chocolates were in our jar... 536 made him our winner! 540 was the exact amount. Thank you to everyone that entered. We had a lot of close guesses.

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